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Stetson Community

The people of Stetson Charter are building a multi-dimensional network of students, family, staff, elected officials, business owners and other stakeholders with a serious vision for how a school can transform the community it serves.
At the start of the school year, Stetson teachers and staff walk door- to-door to meet their students and families. This level of hands-on community involvement continues throughout the year via the work of school-community liaisons, parent-teacher initiatives, anti-truancy efforts, multicultural staff learning, and much more. 
The home-base for these efforts is Stetson's School Community Center where family members learn things like résumé writing, language learning, and computer skills. This facility also maintains a food pantry and clothing closet to help those in need get free clothing and proper nutrition. 
Regular events such as Breakfast with Families, Student-Parent Reading Days, Academic & Report Card Conferences, Honor Role & Attendance Ceremonies and PTO gatherings solidify the shared sense of investment that's resulted in an entirely new school climate. 
Since the beginning of its management by ASPIRA Schools, Stetson has seen dramatic improvements in school climate and behavior, as well as significant increases in academic performance and attendance. This is a consequence of new expectations set by a community with shared accountability.
Community Events Listing
Food Bank
Open for visitation Tuesday's & Thursdays from 10AM-1PM.
Clothing Closet
Available by appointment. Schedule by reaching out via contact information below.
Literacy & Lab
We're here to help adults take advantage of technology to excel professionally. Computer and internet training and résumé building. Available by appointment. Schedule by reaching out via contact information below.
School Community Center Personnel:
Joanne Esquilin
Nadya Rivera
Our work is made possible in large part due to the funding and donation support of these incredible partners.